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The Derde Wereldgroep Soest was founded in 1983 by a number of citizens in Soest. Soest is a municipality of about 45.000 residents, centrally located in The Netherlands. In 1987 the Foundation was recognized by the municipal government as a platform for development cooperation.

The purpose of the Derde Wereldgroep Soest is twofold:

1. To support local initiatives in improving the social and economic situation of poor people living in the so called Third World. The Foundation only supports small-scale development projects.

2. To inform the people of Soest about the problems of people in developing countries. The Foundation provides information to schools and associations, women’s groups, church organizations and the like, about the projects it supports. In addition, information is provided via the local media.

Information about the Derde Wereldgroep Soest is also accessible via our website

Criteria for project assistance

* The project must be based on a small-scale local initiative, originating in the community involved.
* It must be implemented using local goods and materials.
* It must be targeted at a clearly defined group of the people who are actively involved in it and prepared to contribute whatever they can to its implementation (money, labour, materials or land).
The project must be capable of being sustained by the local population, once completed.

* There is a certain emphasis on assistance to women.
* The budget of The Derde Wereldgroep Soest is limited. The average contribution to a project is about € 2500,– to € 3000,–. Projects that do need (much) more money will not be taken into consideration.
* Only projects in the Third World are eligible (not, therefore, projects in Eastern Europe or the Western World).
* Project assistance is provided for a maximum of three years.

The following applications are not accepted:

* Study and travel stipends for research.
* Travel expenses for visits to projects.
* The expenses for the transportation of goods.
* Emergency assistance and food relief.
* Sponsorship of individuals or groups.

The application should include the following:

* Name, address and banking information of the applicant and the legal form in which it is organized (such as cooperative, association, corporation, etc.). Applications from private persons are not accepted.
* Please give information about the legal registration of your organization at the government.
* Description of the project, the background and its duration.
* Budget of the expenses, stated in specific categories.
* Description of the contribution provided by the applicant itself, in funds, materials, labour or land.
* Names of other donor organizations contributing or asked to contribute to the applicant’s activities.
* What contribution is being requested from the Derde Wereldgroep Soest?
* The contact person for the project and, if a private individual or foundation in the Netherlands has been in contact with the applicant, please provide name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of such parties.
* Is there a possibility for providing information about the progress of the project? We have in mind such materials as written information, photographs and other visual material.

The application has to be sent to our e-mail address:

We are a small, local foundation, run by volunteers only. The project applications are reviewed in our full board meeting, which takes place every 8 weeks. So it may take 8 weeks before we will respond.

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